At last, december

A long introduction.

2017 is finished. The necessary rains haven’t come yet. However, the weather is quite cold. In addition to this, the Christmas is around the corner.I expect that the next year will be full of rains because the rabbits and the partridges don’t have any brood becuase they  forecast that the weather will be dry. Meanwhile in countries where there’s a war or the population dies of starvation, many children are born without control, although their parents are refugees setting in a camp. As a matter of fact, my country is poor overall but now, the Catalonia conflict ruins our economy at all, many migrants come desperate here to abuse us because they’re living by our mercy.

Anyway, let’s talk about my new dress that’s very elegant for the following celabratios.

The makeup:

As usual, I use a pale cream for my face, a wide line for my eyes and my eyebrows. Finally, the fuschia is for lips. See the pics.




Fashion accessories.

In this time, I have dispensed with añillos, watches and bracelets, just the necklace, the earrings, a vintage bag and these sandals, ideal for dancing- By the way, I can dance: Tango, meringues and sevillanas.

With light-colored pre-mom tights that helped me to correct my vascular problem when my pregnancy was frustrated, because it was interrupted when it was the result of a rape by a South American with indigenous traits.



Although the stockings are opaque, I painted the nails of red as well as the hands.



Finally, the dress.

It is tight red, although I am fat, with a very short skirt, to be sexy in these parties to cover it with a long jacket.

Merry christmas and a happy new year.



Grey November

At last it’s November, but the necesary rains haven’t come yet. Wosrt off all, the chilly has come and the temparatures are below 0 Celcius degree. However, there are few leaves falling from the threes. Consequently, I wear another kind of dress.


A necklace, a pin and a fular. When I studied in the University, I used to pay the course in Law School working as Conference attendant. This kind of accesories used to be in my uniform.

The earrings, wristband, wristwatch and ring are another part of my style.

The make up:

Although I’m olive skinned, I prefer to make  up my face with pale foundation to correct my defects in my skin and my features, such as my small eyes and my enormous nose.

First of all, my eyebrows are huge.  A lot of of couverage hides the hair and then I pint then with a thin pencil. However, I’ve chosen a thick eye liner to make my eyes bigger. The brown color matchs with darck eyes. My lips are colored in coral red, because  my mouth is tinny. The pink is suitable for my cheeks. look at my profiles.

 Nails polish:

It’s very easy: Red for the fingers of my hands and pearl for my toes, despite the dark nylon tights.

By the way, I had shaved my legs. These sandals are elegant and confortable for my feet and toes.

The dress:

Due to my occupation as an assistant of trial barristers, I should get dressed elegantly. In my opinion, a grey dress is correct. The summer is over and my legs should wear nylon tights. As I’ve told befofre, the cold weather has come, I need a coat. however, I’ve chosen a cloak, like a blanket because it’s portable and easy to bend. This cloth is like a serious uniform: A jacket and a long skirt. On the other hand, my shirt is funny and full of flowers to show a happy image. Finally, I feel that my combination was successful, you see. Bye friends.



Es un hecho notorio, yo también la sufro, no tengo ni nevera, ni calefacción o aire acodiciando, televisor y así un largo etcétera, pero soy feliz. Solo gastos lo que verdaderamente necesito, el termo de la ducha y los consumos porque el trabajo le presto en mi casa: La multifunción (fax, escáner e impresora), el teléfono y el ordenador.
Tengo buena suerte porque mi casa pareada a varios chalets tiene ventanales muy grandes y orientadas al atardecer y así que no me falta la luz natural. La suerte que los inviernos no han sido duro, junto que el super de la urba no está lejos y ello me sirve de nevera. Como tengo cáncer de páncreas todo lo como a la plancha y tengo una mini barbacoa que en el pequeño patio me preparo la comida, con la suerte que no molesto a nadie porque mis vecinos comen en sus trabajos. Hablando de ellos, quienes disponen de lujosas cocinas llenas de modernos electrodomésticos, pero todo lo que comen vienen de los burguers o de servicios de comida a domicilio.
Concluyo, sí que la pobreza energética es una realidad y no quiero hacer demagogia por quien la sufre, destacando las ancianas que con su pensión no les llega para encender la calefacción.


Haibun — byluis7

Su pelo alborotado frente aquella puerta, que ella le abrió con el ímpetu de sus dos pequeñas manos… y ella sonreía, mientras caminaba torpemente con sus bonitas piernas. Hasta conseguir abalanzarse sobre aquel asustado ser, que retorcía nerviosamente su alma entre sus abrazos… tratando en vano, de escapar del calor de aquel pequeño cuerpo. Nerviosas […]

a través de Haibun — byluis7

My house and my office


My small house is in a residential area no far to Madrid. It’s in a estate with twenty houses with car park and common garden. There isn’t either swimming-pool or tennis court. We’re in the field. No Coughs stops there, the following bus stop is a six hundred feet from my house and so, I have to take my car, a Peugeot 106, to take the closer underground station, in Mostoles, three kilometres from house. However, it doesn’t matter these disadvateges becuase I live in the field.


There are only four rooms in two floors of thirty square metres: One living – room with a short kitchen and only one bathroom next to the bedroom. I forget to mention the tidy yard.

Furnitures and gadgets.

The furniture is basicly reduced in number: Two tables and four seats. One of the table is my desk where there the computer with a multi-function office printer (Fax, telefone, scanner and printer) All my cases files are on the floor. Only one bed where I had to sleep on the floor, alright, I mean in a campaing bag, at the first years, until I could save enough money to can affort to buy a bed and the mattress. In the kilchen, there isn’t either a fridge or a microvawe horn, event there is not a gas cooker. Everyday I buy the diary food in a supermarket at the entrance of the residential estate. Neither I have central heater. However, my house isn’t cold at all because large windows make the sun light come into and so the sun rays heat my house that is oriented to the west.

Several parties with my relatives, non only my parents and brothers but also my three nieces and my nephew, can be celebrating there. The cock barbacue and my ice box help to get the meat fried and the drinks were colds. My guesses enjoy a lot due to the nice music sounds in my computer. Several songs are stored there.

Despite this situation, I’m the happiest person in the world because my relatives and my closer friends, many of them from my childhood, live roughtly close that so we haven’t lost the contact.