Grey November

At last it’s November, but the necesary rains haven’t come yet. Wosrt off all, the chilly has come and the temparatures are below 0 Celcius degree. However, there are few leaves falling from the threes. Consequently, I wear another kind of dress.


A necklace, a pin and a fular. When I studied in the University, I used to pay the course in Law School working as Conference attendant. This kind of accesories used to be in my uniform.

The earrings, wristband, wristwatch and ring are another part of my style.

The make up:

Although I’m olive skinned, I prefer to make  up my face with pale foundation to correct my defects in my skin and my features, such as my small eyes and my enormous nose.

First of all, my eyebrows are huge.  A lot of of couverage hides the hair and then I pint then with a thin pencil. However, I’ve chosen a thick eye liner to make my eyes bigger. The brown color matchs with darck eyes. My lips are colored in coral red, because  my mouth is tinny. The pink is suitable for my cheeks. look at my profiles.

 Nails polish:

It’s very easy: Red for the fingers of my hands and pearl for my toes, despite the dark nylon tights.

By the way, I had shaved my legs. These sandals are elegant and confortable for my feet and toes.

The dress:

Due to my occupation as an assistant of trial barristers, I should get dressed elegantly. In my opinion, a grey dress is correct. The summer is over and my legs should wear nylon tights. As I’ve told befofre, the cold weather has come, I need a coat. however, I’ve chosen a cloak, like a blanket because it’s portable and easy to bend. This cloth is like a serious uniform: A jacket and a long skirt. On the other hand, my shirt is funny and full of flowers to show a happy image. Finally, I feel that my combination was successful, you see. Bye friends.



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