This odd October

Carpe diem

Several leaves are dropping from the trees but this autumn is actually sunny and rainless. My feet stay bare and everybody notices my pedicure. The color of my nails varnish is yellow like the fallen leaves on the floor. The weather is warm and we needn’t to wear coats yet.


Despite my olive complexion, I’ve chosen a pale foundation because the summertime was over weeks ago. Pale skin is more common in people who work in a office like me. Frankly, I work hard and so the ear correcter is hepful to take a fresh appearence. My cheeks are pink pretending being younger.

My lips are small and so the color of my lipstick is discreet. My eyes are small and oval. A thick eye linner helps me to make bigger my eyes, which are the mirror of my soul.

My dressing

The shoes: My sandals that I usually wear to go to my work

To be more confortable, a leggins are better than trousers or skirts with panty stocking.

The combintion is great: a strip sweater with a black and golden lines, remembering the military clothes of the Navy.

The black leggins help me to hidde my huge posterior as you can see at those pictures.

The complements are: a brown handbag and neck lace. A wooden wrist and my black square wrist watch. Finally, the earrings are golden and round.

Despite the warm weather in autumn, a woolen waistcoat is a very good ellection to get elegant in my dressing. This photo shows the buttons

At the end, I hope everybody has enjoyed a lot with my pics that I shared, bye.