Somwhere at the south of Madrid county

Every morning I see this grocery whose owners are people from Morocco.

All fruits and vegetables are behind the shop window and several of the products on sale are on the floor and the quality of them could be conditioned of those factors, I mean, the litter on the floor and the high temperatures that hurts the conservation for the human consumption.

Worst of all, the transport is rather awful due to the lorries where these feed are stored. In additon to this, the clerks who carry items are doubtful is they’ve have a shower before to go to work. As you can see the trucks aren’t able to preserve all products cold as well as the container is remarkably dirty.



However, there are no pieces of news that any their clients have suffered stomachache, only the British touristes who visit Spain are suffering strange diseases due to the food cooked in the hotels. This matter will be focused at the next piece of writing. Thanks a lot for your attention.