Return to work

My holidays are over.

Today has been the last day of my thirty three days vacations. My time has been dedicated to paint the house, to do excersices and so on. But I didn’t go to anywhere, only the snob people don’t spare in expensives for their holidays, they need to travel by ship or to go a foreing country in a lowcost flight. When they come back from their holidays, the debts are increased because they owe a lot of money to the Bank that they have taken a loan. Now, they don’t have any money to can affort the payment of the expenditures that suppose to go their children at School on September. The bads are the Bank that plaim the debt in a proccess but a trial lawyer of the legal aid who will get to resolve the case blaming the Bank and, finally, they won’t pay the money they owe, because they haven’t got any assets to answer the payment.

Disturbing my rest.

Several clients and attorney have called during my holiday. They ‘ve told me that I’m rich because I needn’t to work to earn more money. As a matter in fact, I lost more money working than resting because the last time I spent one hundred euros in printing the copies the lawsuit. Worst of all was when I spent two hundre forty euros in a legal aid case due to the commands the trail lawyer. I tried to comply about it but my process didn’t work and I coundn’t recover the my money. A case of the legal aids are twenty four euros when I have to pay the copies, the faxs, the letters and the the phone calls and everything is suppesed to have a good office full equiped. At the end, I’m working in the legal aids for people who was used to be rich, maybe they’ve got hidden assets. However, several litigation attorneys works in ernomous legal corporations. Nowady, the Administrations haven’t paid me several terms from 2015 and 2016 either. Fortunately, I’ve got huge savings in the Bank that supplies my survival.

Taveling by tube to go the Courts.

Depiste to been in a rush hour, an army of beggars attackes every day: Spanish, Rumanos…. Particularly, a young Rumanian girl who say me that she’s my friend. Every morning I spent five euros in helping the beggars or musicians, nowaday, groups who play music in the train. I call them the elevator music. The worst of them, are one that’s called ARCODES GITANOS, they think that they’re artictis but they sing and play flamenco musid badly.

Theses adventures happen every day in my bored life. I can’t stand it.




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