Legal aids in Spain


I feel that I’m working for only twenty four euros to people who really can pay an attorney. Alright, I’ve commited several professional mistakes during my carreer but I feel the great companies of lawyers decieve us, taking a great profit within the legal aids’ cases.


I’m taking the representacion of someone convicted of murder and suspected to have killed a litigation attorney. He’s from Colombia and young, maybe thirty years old. The defence is performanced by a Lawyers’ company. However I feel very sorry because I was late in a public audience where I met a former teacher of me. My memories started when I was twenty one years old and he teached me The Law that rules The Administrations. It was thirty years ago. Sorry if I hurt the professional image of my teacher who is at present time a litigation barrister for several Lawyers firms. I admired him when we’re younger.

The legal strategy.

I refer to the legal strategy of this barristers office. In fact our client is punished to stay in prision for eleven years, even the returning to their country. But I feel the drug business moves a lot money. The victim of the crime was  an attorney who used to defend clients convicted by drugs dealing. The idea of my box is focused in a  false romance with a Spanish girl friend. My defendant is very young and, as a matter in fact, attractive. Meanwhile, she is actually ugly and old, roughly fifity years old, but they pretend to live being a happy couple. In addiction to this, she is pregnant now.
Concluding, she has been well paid and I’ve the premonition that the baby will be an extra income for her, but it would be the way that he avoid going to prission or being retorning to his country, Colombia. As far as i am concerned, she’s very old to have a baby in a natural way and so the medical aid have had to act. This medical tretament is very expensive and she cannot afford it, because her family is poor too. Someone from an international  criminal organized band have to paid the birth of the child who will save the life of my client.

Finally, these kinds of barristers ‘ companies decieve us because they are receiving a large ammounts of money from organized bands of delinquents meanwhile the slaves like me are working for nothing. Everything I’ve told you is the pure truth.




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