Sexual harassment


Repectfully, I look up them because they fast during roughly a mont but I feel all these actions that are simply hypocresy, because the Christians when we fast we usally wash with our best perfums y we are happy. Meanwhile who deform their faces because they fast, God has just paid them. Our left hand never knows what the rigth hand have done.

At shopping center on saturday afternoon.

After having finishe shopping, I decided to have a cup of coffee with a doughnut in a place that’s famous fo the doughnuts. Several young boys are sitting without buying nothing. While I’ was trying to take a seat,  a boy touched my ham and I told to him: “Cochino, marrano” (pig). Some men appeared suddenly to answer me in the worst insulting way. They were offended because they were Muslisms and I had said to them a blasphemy.

Worst of all, nobody defended me even the private security agent, a girl with odd acent, maybe Russian, told me that she couldn’t protect me and  invited me to get out the area.

I accepted the polite invitation and I took my car to have the dinner outside, watching the sunset in the moutains that were at the bottom of the horizon.

Following days.

Nobody will ban me where I have to go shopping in own Nation called Spain where I was born fifty one years ago, and so I’ve returned to go shopping there, I try to do it in Friday when they  are supposed to go the mosque celebrating the prayer. However, I ‘ve met them some days but I change my lookings and my way to avoid the scandal.




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