Mata león



Mata León is a technical medium to neutralize the enemy in sports like JUDO, KARATE…., the American Police used this way to caught a delinquent who was ashmatic and so he died telling “I can’t breath”. Similar situations have happened twice in my life. Although the criminals were immigrants from South America, my intetion is not to confirm that all people who come to Spain are delinquents but I only want to report you what happens here.

First time.

It was in October 4th of 2004, when I was thirty years old. Several stupid clercks, who worked in the bank where I’ve got a great part of my savings, invited to the people who were behind me to robbed me because they let them the entrance at the bank and they spoke loud my operation of taking nine hundred of euros from my bank acount to pay a warrant to avoid the eviction of one of my clients. In the way to return the office of my brother and my father, where I had been previous to settle down at home by myself, they were procuting me. Before to open to the main door of the building where the office used to be, one of them shout me : “DÉ NOS LA PLATA”. I tried to run away faster but the monkeys trapped me. Three apes to me. All the time had been stopped while I saw all my life in a minute. I woke up without my briefcase with the money.

Few days later, some people robbed the bank and the clercks, who attended me at that morning, had got their trousers wet by fear. Cowards!

Second time.

It was this year, on May. I was walking a long the street in Tetuán when two black men from Santo Domingo attacked me. They drove me violenty in the entrance of a block of flats where these apes stole my false jewery necklace. They hurt me the neck but I was able to go to the eviction no far from there. At that day I have to recover the possesion of a appartment that belonged to a client of mine. The lady, who had rented it, owed six thousand euros to my client whom I represented in the court case. The police realized that my neck was hurt I told them my story. Not only they robbed me the necklace but also they took off my trousers to put one of their finger into the hole of my hams.

At the end.

All the processes that I’ve opened about those affair didn’t work due to the Spanish Criminal Law’s principle of the minimum prosecution. Both judges file my application due to the authors of the crimes were unknown. That principles is the actual tendency when you have a criminal process in Spain, for example, Mr. Santiago Pedrás is an expert when he have to investigate criminal behaviours of councilor Zapata about his opinions for Jewsand  E. T.  A. or about the  puppets show in San Isidro and so on.

Everything I’ve told you is the pure true.




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