The gift (Burundanda, 4th part)

The wedding of my best friend.

I’ was one of the honor ladies of her wedding, which was celebrated in a Court two weeks later.

The ceremony was developped well but I started to vomit during the dinner, and so I decided to go back to house, although I would have like to stand at the end of the celabration.


At the doctor’s

In the following day, I went to the gynaecologist who diagnosed my pregnancy. That monkey gave me as a gift a package that I didn’t like because the father is an ape who tried to flirt Spanish white ladies with burundanga, the second, I was too old to have a children, fifty years old in that time and, finally, I couldn’t afford taking care a children, although I work but I didn’t earn enough money to pay the milk or someone who could care him while I were in the courts. My parents were very old to take care them.

Final decision.

The only solution that worked out my problem was interruption of his birth. According  to Spanish Criminal Body Law, I could do it because only two weeks had passed in the gestation, the source was a crime with a process opened and, the most important, my economical situation. My moral problem involved the bad consideration in my neirbourhood that a lady like me were mother and grand mother at the same time and having a children without wedding and one father. My professional reputation could be hurt seriously due to a fact like this one.

Finally, the angel went to heaven but I were damned  on the earth with this sin.

These pictures show the evolution of my bary





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