Sex Crime (Burundanga, third part)

The doctor’s diagnosys.

After having waiting my turn in emergency services in the hospital, I went to the doctor’s office. He checked me and ordered to take a blood analisys. Fortunately, I hadn’t taken the VIH virus but the clues of the sexual agression remains intact in my female orgams.

Once again at the police Station.

Having finished the doctor’s report, the men who drove the ambulance took to to the police station again. A female agent paid me attention. I told her all the facts as they had happened sequency and with several details. She wrote my application and sent it to the courts with the medical report.

The process didn’t work.

The judge decided to file the process because the author was unkownt and according with the Criminal Law principle the minimal prosecution in considering that this behaviour were a crime: Case was over by only one judge’s resolution. As a law professional, I felt upset because the Justice Administration haven’t protected my legal interes.

Worst of all was the other consequencies that I’ll talk you in the next piece of writing.





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