The following day (burundanga, Second Part)

The wake up.

With a terrible headache I woke up  nude into a tiny and dark room. All my underwear had been cut and my shirt without bottons but my skirt was the only thing that reminded intact. Later, I tried to get dressed as I could. My shoes and my hand bag had been stolen, my wallet only had my identification items and my personal card to pay the public transport for a month. Curiously, I wondered why they were interested in taking my used lipstick, because my mini makeup bag had desappeared as well as my used spare pantyhouses. Even my false jewelly: A necklace, wrists as well as the wrists in right ankle, earrings and all my rings for the fingers of my hangs and for my feet too.

The appartament.

It was situated in Malasaña. Several people were living in every room, because I was lucky to have an individual bedroom. Families: the couple and their children were living in little rooms. An old lady from South America offered me some of breakfast: A piece of bread and a cup of coffee without milk. She was very kind to me because she gave me as a gift a t-shirt to hide my chest and a pair of Hawians sandals for my feet. It was winter and the was cold, but I go to the street in that way.

At the police station.

Despite my clothes, I went to the closer Police Station to write an application against who had raped me. The fact was developped in Madrid and so I go in a Police Station there, due to the territorial jurisdiction. Then, they called to take an ambulance of the SAMUR. All the public clerks were very kind to me in the Police Station as well as the Hospital.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you the doctor’s diagnosys and my failure in the process against that delinquent.

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