My house and my office


My small house is in a residential area no far to Madrid. It’s in a estate with twenty houses with car park and common garden. There isn’t either swimming-pool or tennis court. We’re in the field. No Coughs stops there, the following bus stop is a six hundred feet from my house and so, I have to take my car, a Peugeot 106, to take the closer underground station, in Mostoles, three kilometres from house. However, it doesn’t matter these disadvateges becuase I live in the field.


There are only four rooms in two floors of thirty square metres: One living – room with a short kitchen and only one bathroom next to the bedroom. I forget to mention the tidy yard.

Furnitures and gadgets.

The furniture is basicly reduced in number: Two tables and four seats. One of the table is my desk where there the computer with a multi-function office printer (Fax, telefone, scanner and printer) All my cases files are on the floor. Only one bed where I had to sleep on the floor, alright, I mean in a campaing bag, at the first years, until I could save enough money to can affort to buy a bed and the mattress. In the kilchen, there isn’t either a fridge or a microvawe horn, event there is not a gas cooker. Everyday I buy the diary food in a supermarket at the entrance of the residential estate. Neither I have central heater. However, my house isn’t cold at all because large windows make the sun light come into and so the sun rays heat my house that is oriented to the west.

Several parties with my relatives, non only my parents and brothers but also my three nieces and my nephew, can be celebrating there. The cock barbacue and my ice box help to get the meat fried and the drinks were colds. My guesses enjoy a lot due to the nice music sounds in my computer. Several songs are stored there.

Despite this situation, I’m the happiest person in the world because my relatives and my closer friends, many of them from my childhood, live roughtly close that so we haven’t lost the contact.



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