Introducing myself


My name is Elena Ruiz, I’m fifty one years old. My elder brother. who is fifty three years, works as a bean accountant in his own firm and my two sisters: One of them is forty eight years old and the last one is thirty three years old. They all are phamarcist.

My parents: Both of them are retired,  my mother, who is seventy six years, used to be pharmacist in her own Chesmit’s shop where my little sister works  and manages the business at current time. My father, 81 aged, used to be an exceletent trial barrister and used to have its own office where I had been workig for fifteen years.


Professional profile.

Now I’m a trial lawyer assistant and work at home, I mean, my office. In following chapters, I’ll talk about my house in the country, settled down in a small residencial area no far from Madrid, roughtly forty kilometres of distance between them.

My experience: My work with my dad in his office where I used to have grave conflicts with his clercks and his patners, particularly with the secretarial attendant whose skills are absolutery questionable. The office closed because my dad had got the retirement in his profession and so I fire the secretary and their patners who were stupid and unloyal. Another jobs. I was a conferences attendant, soldier and I had worked as the person who try to promote the sale of products in  supermarkets, such cakes, wines…., while I was studying Law in the University.

That’s all, friends. During my August holidays I’ll write several articles like this. I hope you have enjoyed a lot reading my piece of writing.

See you,





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