Return to work

My holidays are over.

Today has been the last day of my thirty three days vacations. My time has been dedicated to paint the house, to do excersices and so on. But I didn’t go to anywhere, only the snob people don’t spare in expensives for their holidays, they need to travel by ship or to go a foreing country in a lowcost flight. When they come back from their holidays, the debts are increased because they owe a lot of money to the Bank that they have taken a loan. Now, they don’t have any money to can affort the payment of the expenditures that suppose to go their children at School on September. The bads are the Bank that plaim the debt in a proccess but a trial lawyer of the legal aid who will get to resolve the case blaming the Bank and, finally, they won’t pay the money they owe, because they haven’t got any assets to answer the payment.

Disturbing my rest.

Several clients and attorney have called during my holiday. They ‘ve told me that I’m rich because I needn’t to work to earn more money. As a matter in fact, I lost more money working than resting because the last time I spent one hundred euros in printing the copies the lawsuit. Worst of all was when I spent two hundre forty euros in a legal aid case due to the commands the trail lawyer. I tried to comply about it but my process didn’t work and I coundn’t recover the my money. A case of the legal aids are twenty four euros when I have to pay the copies, the faxs, the letters and the the phone calls and everything is suppesed to have a good office full equiped. At the end, I’m working in the legal aids for people who was used to be rich, maybe they’ve got hidden assets. However, several litigation attorneys works in ernomous legal corporations. Nowady, the Administrations haven’t paid me several terms from 2015 and 2016 either. Fortunately, I’ve got huge savings in the Bank that supplies my survival.

Taveling by tube to go the Courts.

Depiste to been in a rush hour, an army of beggars attackes every day: Spanish, Rumanos…. Particularly, a young Rumanian girl who say me that she’s my friend. Every morning I spent five euros in helping the beggars or musicians, nowaday, groups who play music in the train. I call them the elevator music. The worst of them, are one that’s called ARCODES GITANOS, they think that they’re artictis but they sing and play flamenco musid badly.

Theses adventures happen every day in my bored life. I can’t stand it.



Legal aids in Spain


I feel that I’m working for only twenty four euros to people who really can pay an attorney. Alright, I’ve commited several professional mistakes during my carreer but I feel the great companies of lawyers decieve us, taking a great profit within the legal aids’ cases.


I’m taking the representacion of someone convicted of murder and suspected to have killed a litigation attorney. He’s from Colombia and young, maybe thirty years old. The defence is performanced by a Lawyers’ company. However I feel very sorry because I was late in a public audience where I met a former teacher of me. My memories started when I was twenty one years old and he teached me The Law that rules The Administrations. It was thirty years ago. Sorry if I hurt the professional image of my teacher who is at present time a litigation barrister for several Lawyers firms. I admired him when we’re younger.

The legal strategy.

I refer to the legal strategy of this barristers office. In fact our client is punished to stay in prision for eleven years, even the returning to their country. But I feel the drug business moves a lot money. The victim of the crime was  an attorney who used to defend clients convicted by drugs dealing. The idea of my box is focused in a  false romance with a Spanish girl friend. My defendant is very young and, as a matter in fact, attractive. Meanwhile, she is actually ugly and old, roughly fifity years old, but they pretend to live being a happy couple. In addiction to this, she is pregnant now.
Concluding, she has been well paid and I’ve the premonition that the baby will be an extra income for her, but it would be the way that he avoid going to prission or being retorning to his country, Colombia. As far as i am concerned, she’s very old to have a baby in a natural way and so the medical aid have had to act. This medical tretament is very expensive and she cannot afford it, because her family is poor too. Someone from an international  criminal organized band have to paid the birth of the child who will save the life of my client.

Finally, these kinds of barristers ‘ companies decieve us because they are receiving a large ammounts of money from organized bands of delinquents meanwhile the slaves like me are working for nothing. Everything I’ve told you is the pure truth.


El timo

Una mañana lluviosa de Febrero.

Salía de la Estación de Metro en Tribunal y me dirigía a la calle la Palma donde una muchedumbre muy peculiar cortaban la calle. Me presenté como la Procuradora que representaba al propietario del inmueble. Pronto vinó mi tío, que era el letrado ese procedimiento de juicio verbal de desahucio por falta de pagos. Él portaba una Nota Simple Registral donde constaba que la inquilina como co-dueña de un inmueble en Moratalaz. Yo permanecí en un portal en frente del lugar del desahucio. Me encontraba con los miembros de la Comisión y con dos agentes de policía municipal que se habían quitado las gorras y los números de identificación. Una de las oficiales de la Comisión de dijo que suspendíamos el acto. No me gustó la idea, pero lo acepté. Después aparacieron los cerrajeros, las asistentes sociales, más policías con la uniformidad completa, mi tío, la inquilina, que debía más de 7.000 euros a mi representado, con alguíen que decía ser abogado: Tenía cara de haber pisados pocos extrados, por las chorradas que decía, como que le embárgasemos el inmueble en co propiedad y por una deuda de 7.000€ (el collar saldría más caro que el perro) y calzaba unos botines de marca, mientras que los míos eran de oferta en Supermercado. Las asistentes sociales me comentaron que los colubrones ecuatorianos estabán perdiendo una gran actriz.

Mientras un sujeto, progre y algo faltito, vistiendo un pañuelo palestino, nos estaba sacaba fotos diciendo paridas. Una de las oficiales de la comisión se enfadó con él. Yo le dije que el tonto solamente puede ser tonto.

Al final se suspendió y ellos, como siempre y sin reconocer que habían sido engañados por esa falsa deudora hipotecaria, terminaron la grabación de sus televisiones, levantando el puño y gritando “SÍ SE PUEDE!.

Al final el desalojo.

En aquella mañana de Marzo, algo fría, la calle estaba cortada por los anti disturbios. Con los mismo miembros de la anterior comisión, pero acompañados por agentes, muy majos, del Cuerpo de Policía Nacional. Ella apareció con su libro de familia para justificar que era madre soltera y que tenía un hijo nacido en territorio nacional, chaval que el día de la celebración de la vista tiró todos los gusanillos de una bolsa, exparcidos por el pasillo que conduce a las Secretarias de los Juzgados y a sus Salas de Vistas. Ni ella ni su consorte se dignaron a recogerlos allí y aquel día. Volviendo al lanzamiento, ella me entregó las llaves, levantaron el acta y los cerrajeros cambiaron la cerradura. Nos despedimos de la morosa que nos contó que había alquilado una habitación al lado, a pesar que tenía otra casa. Pero la zona que refiero esta bien situada: Se encuentra entre el Dos de Mayo y Tribunal, que subiendo por Fuencarral, se llega en nada a la Glorieta de Bilbao.

Mi cliente recuperó el inmueble, que nos lo entrengó muy limpio, pero nunca se pagó el dinero que nos debía. Tampoco perdimos el tiempo en reclamarlo, puesto que su pareja trabaja en la economía sumergida. Muchas gracias por vuestra atención.


Sexual harassment


Repectfully, I look up them because they fast during roughly a mont but I feel all these actions that are simply hypocresy, because the Christians when we fast we usally wash with our best perfums y we are happy. Meanwhile who deform their faces because they fast, God has just paid them. Our left hand never knows what the rigth hand have done.

At shopping center on saturday afternoon.

After having finishe shopping, I decided to have a cup of coffee with a doughnut in a place that’s famous fo the doughnuts. Several young boys are sitting without buying nothing. While I’ was trying to take a seat,  a boy touched my ham and I told to him: “Cochino, marrano” (pig). Some men appeared suddenly to answer me in the worst insulting way. They were offended because they were Muslisms and I had said to them a blasphemy.

Worst of all, nobody defended me even the private security agent, a girl with odd acent, maybe Russian, told me that she couldn’t protect me and  invited me to get out the area.

I accepted the polite invitation and I took my car to have the dinner outside, watching the sunset in the moutains that were at the bottom of the horizon.

Following days.

Nobody will ban me where I have to go shopping in own Nation called Spain where I was born fifty one years ago, and so I’ve returned to go shopping there, I try to do it in Friday when they  are supposed to go the mosque celebrating the prayer. However, I ‘ve met them some days but I change my lookings and my way to avoid the scandal.


Mata león



Mata León is a technical medium to neutralize the enemy in sports like JUDO, KARATE…., the American Police used this way to caught a delinquent who was ashmatic and so he died telling “I can’t breath”. Similar situations have happened twice in my life. Although the criminals were immigrants from South America, my intetion is not to confirm that all people who come to Spain are delinquents but I only want to report you what happens here.

First time.

It was in October 4th of 2004, when I was thirty years old. Several stupid clercks, who worked in the bank where I’ve got a great part of my savings, invited to the people who were behind me to robbed me because they let them the entrance at the bank and they spoke loud my operation of taking nine hundred of euros from my bank acount to pay a warrant to avoid the eviction of one of my clients. In the way to return the office of my brother and my father, where I had been previous to settle down at home by myself, they were procuting me. Before to open to the main door of the building where the office used to be, one of them shout me : “DÉ NOS LA PLATA”. I tried to run away faster but the monkeys trapped me. Three apes to me. All the time had been stopped while I saw all my life in a minute. I woke up without my briefcase with the money.

Few days later, some people robbed the bank and the clercks, who attended me at that morning, had got their trousers wet by fear. Cowards!

Second time.

It was this year, on May. I was walking a long the street in Tetuán when two black men from Santo Domingo attacked me. They drove me violenty in the entrance of a block of flats where these apes stole my false jewery necklace. They hurt me the neck but I was able to go to the eviction no far from there. At that day I have to recover the possesion of a appartment that belonged to a client of mine. The lady, who had rented it, owed six thousand euros to my client whom I represented in the court case. The police realized that my neck was hurt I told them my story. Not only they robbed me the necklace but also they took off my trousers to put one of their finger into the hole of my hams.

At the end.

All the processes that I’ve opened about those affair didn’t work due to the Spanish Criminal Law’s principle of the minimum prosecution. Both judges file my application due to the authors of the crimes were unknown. That principles is the actual tendency when you have a criminal process in Spain, for example, Mr. Santiago Pedrás is an expert when he have to investigate criminal behaviours of councilor Zapata about his opinions for Jewsand  E. T.  A. or about the  puppets show in San Isidro and so on.

Everything I’ve told you is the pure true.


Elvis y Nixon — El Criticón

Elvis & Nixon, 2016, EE.UU. Género: Comedia. Duración: 86 min. Dirección: Liza Johnson. Guion: Joey Sagal, Hanala Sagal , Cary Elwes. Actores: Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey, Alex Pettyfer, Johnny Knoxville, Colin Hanks, Evan Peters. Música: Ed Shearmur. Valoración: Lo mejor: El reparto está convincente. Lo peor: No saca nada de gracia de un relato con […]

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